Christine Linfield

Core Process Psychotherapy

Core Process Psychotherapy offers an innovative approach to therapy. Created by the Karuna Institute, it draws on western psychotherapeutic models as well as Buddhist psychology and mindfulness practices. The approach is informed by a belief that a source of inherent well-being resides within us all. Although our well-being may be obscured, it may be recovered through compassionate enquiry and depth therapeutic skills.

The approach - in essence - helps you to slow down and bring a kind, curious attention to your experience. Few of us are used to doing this, but the evidence is that it is profoundly healing offering clarity, understanding and insight into how we live our lives. This attention to our own being, often known as mindfulness allows us to be more grounded and resilient and face what is difficult and painful for us.

Although the focus on awareness and mindfulness is derived from Buddhist psychology, the work itself does not require any commitment to Buddhism. The time in therapy is as long or as short as it needs to be.

"Nothing in the world is permanent; everything changes, everything flows onward"