Christine Linfield

How I Work

Many, if not all, of our difficulties in life arise in the context of relationships, both past and present. By exploring these difficulties in relationship with a therapist within a safe, confidential space a trusting relationship can be forged within which internal wounds and conflicts can be safely explored.

Our personality, our sense of who we are and our relationship patterns - how we interact with the world, begins even before our first memories. We are influenced by words and experiences of sound, smell, physical sensations and images. All these create patterns within us.

Psychotherapy offers a safe space to explore what is happening for you, to deepen into understanding yourself, your process of living and to understand your reactions and responses to experience. Through a process of supported enquiry that allows you to explore these deeper layers of mind and body, hidden pieces are brought into awareness. Experiences and patterns can then be articulated, understood and integrated. In this knowing and acceptance there is more of a sense of freedom and possibility as we contact both life's joy and sadness.

This approach helps you slow down and bring an increased curiosity, and kind attention to your experience. The process of psychotherapy can be a profound inner journey, a journey of discovery.

My approach is collaborative and relational, I offer an emotionally warm and non-judgmental space, one of acceptance, respect and compassion, honouring the uniqueness of each individual’s journey.

"In taking space, slowing down, noticing, there is the possibility for change"