Christine Linfield

Psychotherapy & Counselling

People come to counselling and psychotherapy for a broad range of reasons including difficulties around experiencing depression, anxiety, unresolved trauma, addiction, loneliness, isolation and difficulties in relationships. Others come because their life is in a place of significant change or they have questions of meaning around life or just a feeling that something isn't right.

Generally counselling entails shorter term work and may be focussed on a specific problem whilst psychotherapy is usually longer term, (3-6 months and longer); the training for psychotherapists is more extensive. Psychotherapists are also required to undergo their own long-term psychotherapy at the same depth as they offer clients.

Psychotherapy allows us to share our difficulties in life in relationship with another and can help us to know ourselves more fully, more deeply, more authentically. It is an act of great care for ourselves when we give ourself deep attention and consideration.

Perhaps what matters most is that you can connect with and establish a safe and supportive working relationship with the person you see. Whether you choose to see a counsellor or a psychotherapist please check that they are affiliated or registered with a professional training body.

"Connecting with inner wisdom and health"